• Checklist Guidelines

    Here is a guideline on how to use the checklist

    1. Set a time frame. Weekly? Monthly?
    2. Choose an allowance amount.
    3. Decide on a point goal that will earn allowance.
    4. Decide how much each chore is worth.
    5. Print out a Chore Checklist.
    6. Upon completion of a chore, check it off the list.
    7. Total up your points and claim your allowance!

Earn Your Allowance!

Earn Your Allowance Checklist is a fun and easy to use tool that benefits parents and kids.  With this reward system, kids can earn points by doing chores or homework, and parents get help around the house.  After earning a certain number of points, kids are rewarded with their allowance.  Keep things tidy and fun, all with a single checklist!

View Sample Checklist

Help around the house to earn your allowance with ___ pts. [edit]