Apply Treatment to Prevent Stains

The end of summer means that many areas will become colder and lots of dead leaves and debris will be tracked into your previously clean home. The good news is that treatment along the lines of COITGuard™ can prevent future stains on carpet, rugs, and upholstery.

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Are DIY Stain Preventatives Like Scotchgard Safe?

Scotchgard is a manufactured substance available in most home or hardware stores, typically sold in an aerosol can or jug. This product is primarily used by homeowners who are looking to protect their fabrics by applying a DIY stain preventative themselves. One of the most common questions COIT technicians get asked is whether or not Scotchgard is safe. The desire to save money is tempting, but choosing this path will ultimately cost you more in the long run.

Why Store-Bought Stain Protectors Are Dangerous

One of the dangers Scotchgard presents is how flammable the mixture of chemicals is. Additionally, there have been cases of Scotchgard causing those who live in the home to become dizzy and/or drowsy. With a “secret formula” consisting of fluorochemical urethane, some users have claimed Scotchgard has even been known to offset oxygen in rooms and create detrimental effects with breathing.

Protect Your Home from Every Future Stain with COITGuard™

Many homes across the world suffer from reoccurring carpet stains. While quite a few stains caused by grease, mud, and other dirt can definitely be avoided, some are just inevitable…unless you hire the right technician for carpet stain prevention.

Well before putting in nearly 70 years in the business of residential carpet cleaning, COIT recognized the industry’s need for a safe, reliable treatment to prevent stains. Today COIT has developed a stain resistant protective coating called COITGuard™ which successfully seals carpets, furniture, drapes, and other fabric surfaces.

Professional Upholstery Protection Application

Couches and chairs are targets ripe for some of the worst stains. In addition to residential upholstery cleaning, stopping furniture stains before they happen is also a highly sought-after service provided by COIT. Allowing a technician to apply the affordable COITGuard™ to your furniture will ensure it stays practical day in and day out.

Aside from the worst spur-of-the-moment spills, repeated long-term use is the most common killer of furniture. Think about it: your clothes, hair, magazines—you name it—track in subtle hints of dirt that will wear out beautiful fabrics over time. To combat this gradual build-up of grime, COITGuard™ technology serves as the best fabric protector for furniture. Plus, our formula is non-toxic!

The Best Carpet Treatment to Prevent Stains

There’s an old adage that most homeowners hire experts to solve problems instead of prevent them. Luckily, COIT is available to accomplish both tasks inside your home. On top of being the best-in-class carpet cleaners in the U.S. and Canada, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, promising you that you’ll be able to see the difference, as well as fight those future stains well in advance.

Ready to prevent stains? Contact stain prevention company COIT to apply treatment today.